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Set up your own branded app
- fast & easy.

Market your own app within the comfort of your phone


Featured App

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"An app for SMEs to achieve digital transformation. To promote their brand and business. This comes with booking/appointment feature for clients which is ideal for clinics, salons, services etc."

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Here's an opportunity to tell the congregation the word of God and share life testimonies.

Share some of the church activities and charities in the community.



"Working with RB Creative Studio has been such a pleasant experience! The whole process of creating a website/app has been painless. Highly recommended."

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Featured App

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"An app for influencers who wants their own digital hub for their avid followers. It's also an app to integrate all their social media channels and contents, including ads and their own merchandise"



Ice Cream / Food App


Golf Tee

Sports Members App


Medical Ville

Hospital / Medical App


Wine Cave

Wine Connoisseur App

Mobile Phone

Let Your Own App Take You to Higher Grounds

Encouraging a closer relationship with your consumers / followers, this app allows you to improve your connection the way you want to and bridge the gap.

Convenient and
User-friendly interface

Easily and efficiently customise your contents on the go. As the app owner, you will be able to set up or update your contents at your own pace.


Setting up your app will save you time and investment, in short and in the long-term, with its easy unique interface that provides faster posting and refresh rate. 


Set-up your own app to bring in better revenue and grow your business while rewarding your customers for their loyalty and support.

- Platform

Your app will be accessible through other devices, for both owners and users, to browse on which device that is most convenient for them.

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User-Friendly Interface

Setting up your app has never been this easy. Accessibility goes both ways, owners and their users will find the app easy to navigate. App owners can expect to create, edit and update the content details, promotional posts and product listings anytime, anywhere within minutes and be accessible to their consumers​ immediately.

Branded App

Apps have been successful for individuals or companies with a cult following since the user-owner relationship is much more exclusive. Incentives such as discounts and membership deals will attract and keep consumers interested in the app, and by extension the engagement, all without distraction, as is the case when promoting on free ad-friendly platforms.


With such app for you, your services will be more convenient for your followers and stand out to newcomers, enticing both to come back for more.

Social network concept
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Aside from accessing and editing the app contents within the comfort of your phone, it can also be accessed through other devices making it more convenient for users and app owners alike.

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Basic and simple way to start your own m-commerce or e-tail app. A convenient, cost-efficient, and fast alternative to kick-off your business. As easy as posting an image and a caption on social media. 

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Custom-built, based on the interface; tabs and features for the application. It adapts to the essential functions required. The advantage of custom apps are that it conforms to user demands. 

* Requires longer period to develop.

Smart Phone

Are You Ready to Elevate and have an App of your own?

With our support, your content will not only flourish but resonate with your audience who believes in and share your vision. 

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